XinFin Hybrid Blockchain Allies With ChangerInc.

XinFin, an open source Hybrid Blockchain Technology announces a new alliance with an Australian based Group of Companies, ChangerInc.

ChangerInc. is a global business solution that is revolutionising the way we work, educate, engage in relationships and deliver social impact. They think neoterically; challenge the state of play; are secure in the knowledge that being uncomfortable sits them on the precipice of true innovation and are happy to be known as the “blockchain” disruptor of quality, business and workforce improvement for ageing, education and social impact.

ChangerInc. simultaneously harnesses the opportunity and potential of daring and frontier thinking, creating a hyper-collaborative, frictionless ecosystem, with the massive benefits of cutting-edge, smart and distributed ledger technologies. Together they empower autonomously distributed value and revenue, grow sustainable businesses, build capable future proofed workforces, and deliver positive social impact to the world.

ChangerInc.’s intent is very clear; to embrace humanity’s greatest challenge, global ageing, and shift it from a financial and socio-economic burden to a positive influencer, capable of autonomously driving growth and value, and becoming a significant economic contributor to the global economy. Their early market opportunity focuses on the Asia-Pacific and emerging economies of the ASEAN nations. This region faces one of the largest demographic shifts in ageing the world has ever experienced. Ageing at a faster rate than any other place in history the East Asia Pacific’s over 65s is also the largest and fastest growing market in the world, providing a target-rich environment of business and workforce opportunities.

It is projected that by 2020, Asia-Pacific’s “baby-boomer” generation in eldercare will reach a market value of $US3.3 Trillion, and in China alone a workforce of 10 million is required to care for an elder-care population of 248 million. This represents an incredible opportunity for XinFin and ChangerInc. to deliver on their intent.

Globally, the ageing population currently comprises 13% of the earth’s total 7.2 billion people, and the number of persons aged 60 years or over is expected to more than double by 2050 and more than triple by 2100. Businesses, workforce, educators and governments are not ready for the opportunity or its pace and in this sector are traditionally resistive to technology inclusion. “ChangerInc. provides that readiness, and provides business funded social impact for emerging nations” says Chris Neill, XinFin’s Head of American Development.

Building a new paradigm for global ageing businesses, workforce, eldercare and the ageing population requires technology. ELMSTM is ChangerInc.’s frontier, cutting edge fit for purpose technology interface and platform. ELMSTM empowers the processes, scalability and autonomy of ChangerInc. and its distributed relationship-driven business model. This smart technology, with multiple micro-ecosystems including elements such as smart devices, Dapps, wearables, and beacons, working synergistically, built on blockchain potential, combined with disruptive educational thinking and scalability will create strong businesses, education frameworks and workforces for the ageing sector.

“As a non-profit, it’s quite an honour to befriend an organisation like ChangerInc. who is advocating for the ageing population, and the businesses, educators and workforce who support it. The critical status of this demographic and the impact on the global economy in so many ways is not widely discussed in business and yet it is such a large part of the human populous.” says Chris Neill.

“A huge workforce is required to deliver on expected demands, particularly in Asia. But we think that just because it’s 2018 everyone has an established identity and has the opportunity to get a quality education or find work, even where really needed. This is simply not the case.” says Chris Neill.

“When Lisa Short [ChangerInc.’s Group Managing Director] first told me the magnitude of what ChangerInc. was advocating for, we were really excited. I could tell she was incredibly passionate and knowledgeable and that this was the kind of a project that we wanted to help with”, says Chris Neill. “It’s not every day you find a global project like this.”

A project of this scale requires a very large ecosystem. As the official technology partner for ChagnerInc., XinFin will build an interface and development platform that will empower the massive ChangerInc. ecosystem. This platform will be built on XinFin’s private blockchain respecting the protection of client data and realising the massive potential of using the XDC protocol.

ChangerInc. and its Group Managing Director, Lisa Short, have been on a quest for 5 years to build the trusted international relationships and partnerships required to build the hyper-collaborative business solution with the backing and support to give the ageing sector the respect it deserves.

On first meeting with Chris Neill in San Francisco, Lisa Short recognised that there was something different about XinFIn. “I knew that apart from the capacity to build our own ecosystem that XinFin had the capability, capacity and understanding to embrace the wider impact of ChangerInc. Truly partnering moving forward to create the project ecosystem whilst retaining our critical required elements of private subdomains and retention of a centralised business that autonomously decentralises and distributes revenue and value to all involved”.

As a trusted and highly respected executive advisor and transformational strategist Lisa recently provided mentorship to a highly experienced team of blockchain and social impact specialists at the UN Decade of Women #HackQuantum London Fintech Week 2018 — who delivered a winning solution to end the UN 17 Sustainability Goals for world hunger, poverty and gender inequality through empowered women. The Quantum Leap solution now has the extreme honour of delivering to a full assembly of the United Nations in New York in September.

However, not resting on the laurels of winning high, Lisa Short saw the immense opportunity and momentum of the Hack Quantum World Series and UN Decade of Women to deliver outcomes for the global ageing population. In a world first, that event will take its roadshow to Singapore in November, partnering with ChangerInc. to really mind shift the ageing sector, its service providers, the workforce and the world to see first hand what it’s like to make the “impossible possible”. “Given that eldercare is the largest employer of women globally and that the notion of both ageing and what a career looks like in ageing requires a total mind shift and rewire — the event just had to happen,” says Lisa Short.XinFin really is the perfect partner to take into a world first event,” says Lisa Short.

“The alliance between XinFin and ChangerInc. is very exciting and we look forward to being part of the next stages of development for ChangerInc. which includes its own token economy to drive quality, innovation and outcomes for ageing businesses, workforce and consumers.” Says Chris Neill. “We are delighted and have full confidence in XinFin to deliver on our intent and moving forward in such a rapidly changing economy have ChangerInc. continually evolve together” says Lisa Short.

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